Update Board Attendance


Updating Board Attendance

  1. Go to the most recent board minutes found under /www-board/minutes/
  2. Navigate to Call to Order - Attendance
    • Under Board Members add the name and title (in parentheses) of the board member in Markdown list format (either with * or with - in front, e.g. * Jimmy Jim Jim (Vice Chair)) only of the members attending >= 90% of the offical length of the meeting
    • Under Guests add the name of the guest in Markdown list format (see above)
  3. Commit Changes
  4. Navigate back to the /www-board/_data folder and edit attendance.yml
    • Insert a new section (copy & paste an old section)
    • Under attendees, add/replace names only of those attending >= 90% of the official length of the meeting. These names MUST match previous names and may NOT contain titles.
    • Under guests, add/replace names of the guests
  5. Commit Changes