Corporate Member Migration

First things first - you don’t have to do anything. Depending on your current Corporate Membership package level, you will automatically receive technical improvements, such as more frequent logo display and more prominent listing in the supporters page, and more social media exposure. We have carefully designed our improved packages to continue delivering your existing benefits, or improve on them:

Our previous Sponsorship agreement provided the following benefits:

  • Listing in rotation as Corporate Supporter site-wide on (Improved)
  • Public acknowledgment on various other channels (Improved)
  • Up to $2,500 of your package fee can be applied towards a Global AppSec sponsorship (No change for current Corporate Members)
  • Vote in the Global Board of Directors election (No change for current Corporate Members)
  • Discounted sponsorship rates at participating events (No change for current Corporate Members)

In addition to your current benefits, you are now eligible to receive the new Corporate Membership benefits at your discretion.

I want these new benefits, what do I do?

Simply contact us with your request, and someone will get back to you within three business days.

OWASP Corporate Membership Logo for your website

Please contact us for a OWASP Corporate Membership logo for your website. Soon, we will be branding these with metadata to indicate who they were issued with and for what period, so if you need to have the image resized or similar, please work with us to obtain the correct size with your metadata embedded.

OWASP Trademark License

Please contact us for a trademark license agreement. This is in the form of a contract and will need to be dual signed. The license agreement will extend to the end of your current membership period.

Sponsoring participating chapters and projects

Please contact us, detailing which chapters or projects you wish to sponsor. Not every project or chapter is participating in this benefit, but we hope to improve the list of chapters or projects prepared to be sponsored. The sponsorship will extend to the end of your current membership period.

Sponsoring participating AppSec Days regional events

Traditionally, sponsorship of regional AppSec Day events has been negotiated with the Event team. This benefit is immediately available for participating AppSec Days conferences. Please create a non-funding ticket, detailing which regional AppSec Day event you wish to sponsor. We will work with you and the Event team to become a financial sponsor of their event. We will encourage all AppSec Days leaders to open up their conference to this benefit over time.

Please visit Contact Us.

Early access to Global AppSec Sponsorship

Current Corporate Members can obtain Corporate Event Sponsorships for:

Please visit our Corporate Event Sponsorship page for more details or Contact Us.

Discounted Global AppSec Sponsorship

In our previous Corporate Membership benefits package, sponsors could obtain a $2,500 discount towards Global AppSec Sponsorships. To avoid a contract variation, this will remain valid for the residual period of your membership. Please Contact Us to obtain your Corporate Event Sponsorship package discount today.

Early bird Global AppSec Registration

As we open early bird registration for 2022 Global AppSec events, we will automatically send all current Corporate Members the relevant number of discount codes to your nominated address. Please distribute these codes to your staff to obtain the OWASP Member discount for the participating event. The discount codes only apply to the nominated participating event and are not valid once the early bird registration period closes.

Ambassdor to vote in Global Board Elections

This is an existing benefit that will continue. If you wish to participate in the election, please submit a request to appoint your nominated ambassador by no later than September 30 each year. They should use their work email address for this request to avoid confusion between your staff members who might also be individual members, and the Corporate Membership vote.