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Welcome to OWASP-Baku Chapter. The chapter board are Azar Alili , Sabuhi Safarov, Dadash Guliyev, Sakhavat Suleymanli, Javid Alizade.
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OWASP is a non-profit organization to improve apllication security. All of our projects, tools, documents, forums, and chapters are free and open to anyone interested in improving application security. Our mission is to enrich the comunity of application security community in the region-Baku.
The OWASP Baku Chapter, led by founding member and cybersecurity expert Azar Alili, has been instrumental in shaping the landscape of application security in the region. Through its initiatives and collaborations, the chapter has significantly enhanced awareness and knowledge of cybersecurity practices among developers, businesses, and organizations. Azar Alili's crucial contribution to the chapter's activities, including organizing workshops, seminars, and conferences, has empowered professionals to adopt best practices in application security. The chapter's efforts have not only strengthened cybersecurity measures locally but have also had a ripple effect across Eastern Europe, the Middle East, and Central Asia, highlighting its impactful influence in advancing cybersecurity standards and strategies in the region.
Other founding members such as Dadash Guliyev, who holds certifications like OSEP, OSWE, and OSCP, and Sabuhi Safarov, an OSCP-certified professional, also play key leadership roles within the community. They contribute to the community's innovative security support efforts, raising awareness about cybersecurity's significance and fostering a culture of proactive security measures.

Call For Speakers

Call For Speakers is open - if you would like to present a talk on Application Security at future OWASP Baku Chapter events - please review and agree with the OWASP Speaker Agreement and send the proposed talk title, abstract and speaker bio to the Chapter Leaders via e-mail :

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You can watch the recordings of talks presented at OWASP Baku events on our YouTube channel: OWASPBaku

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