OWASP Bristol, UK

Welcome to OWASP Bristol Chapter

The OWASP Bristol Chapter is run by Katy Anton and Craig Francis .

We are a bunch of friendly people interested in Application Security, and as Software is all over these days, means we are interested in every flavour of security.

Social media

  • Our meetings are scheduled on Meetup
  • Chapter meetings promotion is primarily done on Twitter

Speaking at OWASP Bristol Chapter Events

Call For Speakers is open - if you would like to present a talk on Application Security at future OWASP Bristol Chapter events - please review and agree with the OWASP Speaker Agreement and send the proposed talk title, abstract and speaker bio to the Chapter Leaders via e-mail: Katy Anton / Katy Anton @Infosec Exchange

Chapter Meetings

Please see the Meetup page for schedule and to register for meetings.

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Meeting Supporters

Here is the list of organisations who have generously provided us with space for our OWASP Bristol chapter meetings:

ImmersiveLabsLogo RBSLogo GreshamTechnologiesLogo
ForgeRockLogo JustEatLogo OvoLogo

For the next scheduled events, pleave visit the Meetup page.

Past Events

Below is a list of the previous events details



  • 2019-11-14: “Containers and Threat Modelling”
    1. Least-privilege principle of container security, Ben Meier - video.
    2. OWASP Threat Dragon: Cupcake to the rescue, Jon Gadsden - video.
  • 2019-09-12: “Finding Security Vulnerabilities”
  • 2019-07-07: “Internet Stalking and Exploits with Scratch”
  • 2019-06-06: “HiTag2 Crypto”
  • 2019-01-09: “Capture The Flag (CTF) Evening”



  • 2017-11-30: “Three Ways of Security” and Cookie Security - Myths and Misconceptions”
  • 2017-11-23: “A Corporate Phishing Trip & Modern Access Management”
  • 2017-09-28: “Website hacking and Threat Modelling”
  • 2017-06-22: “IoT and Securing financial APIs”
  • 2017-04-20: “The path of secure software”
  • 2017-03-09: “OWASP Top 10 Proactive Controls”