OWASP Istanbul


Welcome to the Istanbul chapter homepage. Everyone is welcome to join us at our chapter meetings. The chapter board is Rumeysa Bozdemir Follow chapter news on Twitter | Meetup

Past Events

Chapter Meeting - 04.10.2022 | IEEE İstanbul Kültür Üniversitesi WIE
OWASP - Siber Güvenlik Sektöründe Kariyer Yapmak

Chapter Meeting - 03.28.2022 | Azerbaycan
OWASP - ISO27001, C|EH ve Siber Olaylara Müdahale Ekipleri

Chapter Meeting - 01.30.2022 (Online)
OWASP - Burp Suite File Upload Attack

Chapter Meeting - 11.29.2021 (Online)
OWASP - Siber Güvenlik Alanında Kariyer Yapmak

Chapter Meeting - 09.07.2021 (Online)
OWASP - Tanışma & Soru Cevap

Chapter Meeting - 05.26.2021 (Online)
OWASP - Burp Suite İle Brute Force Attack

Chapter Meeting - 04.04.2021 (Online)
OWASP - Broken Authentication & Math Captcha

Chapter Meeting - 02.10.2021 (Online)
OWASP - Web App Hacking & Sohbet

Chapter Meeting - 10.29.2020 (Online)
OWASP - Information Gathering

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