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OWASP Lahore

Welcome to OWASP Lahore Chapter

We welcome you to OWASP Lahore Chapter!

Upcoming events

Please join our Meetup group to receive information about upcoming events.

Due to a change in the APIs used to collate this data, this functionality is temporarily offline.

We are at the moment working on making an online event in 2021. Please watch this webpage and our Twitter to get more info once we publish it!

We announce events via our Facebook page and publish them on our Meetup.

OWASP Lahore

In past years we have organized many infosec meetings as a small group in coffee shops in Qatar and built a great community full of enuthusiastic members who are willing to share the knowledge towards the community. We were looking for a ways how to make it possible for you to meet more often than three times per year.

Call for Papers

Our CFP is always open. We love to give you an opportunity to speak at our Lahore OWASP chapter meetings. Do you have any interesting topic to speak about? Don’t hesitate and send the description of your talk to our Facebook account or by email to any of the Lahore OWASP Chapter Leaders, and we will reach back to you.

👋 A very warm welcome to everyone in OWASP Lahore chapter.

We welcome all Pakistanis to join us and share the knowledge, skills, ideas related to OWASP Lahore Project to make it successful 🙂

Feel free to reach out Abdullah Ramzan in case you have any questions/suggestions.


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