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Welcome to OWASP Ljubljana

Welcome to OWASP Ljubljana chapter homepage. The chapter leaders are Boštjan Špehonja and Mitja Trampuž

Call For Speakers

Call For Speakers is open. If you would like to present a talk on Application Security at future OWASP Ljubljana Chapter events - please review and agree with the OWASP Speaker Agreement and send the proposed talk title, abstract, and speaker bio to the Chapter Leaders via e-mail.


The Open Worldwide Application Security Project (OWASP) is a nonprofit foundation that works to improve the security of software. All of our projects ,tools, documents, forums, and chapters are free and open to anyone interested in improving application security.

Chapters are led by local leaders in accordance with the Chapters Policy. Financial contributions should only be made online using the authorized online donation button.

Everyone is welcome and encouraged to participate in our Projects, Local Chapters, Events, Online Groups, and Community Slack Channel. We especially encourage diversity in all our initiatives. OWASP is a fantastic place to learn about application security, to network, and even to build your reputation as an expert. We also encourage you to be become a member or consider a donation to support our ongoing work.

We will be running a Chapter Meetup every 2-3 months with the option to have additional events such as hands-on workshops. It will be a mix of in-person and virtual meetups. All our upcoming events are announced on Meetup.

Upcoming meetings



1. Opening session OWASP Ljubljana - 5.4.2023 16:30 (Hybrid)

  • Speakers: Uroš Žust, Mitja Trampuž, Boštjan Špehonja
  • Location: Offline and online - TBA
  • Description: We are going to present our plan of activities, goals of the chapter and introduction to OWASP TOP 10

2. Cryptography - 4.5.2023 16:30 (Hybrid)

  • Speakers: dr. Nastja Cepak, cryptographer
  • Location: Offline and online - TBA
  • Description: TBA

3. OWASP TOP 10 - TBA 16:30 (Hybrid)

  • Speakers: Boštjan Špehonja
  • Location: Offline and online - TBA
  • Description: We are going to walk through most common vulnerabilities in web applications discovered in penetragtion testing

4. Post-quantum cryptography

  • Speakers: dr. Nastja Cepak, cryptographer
  • Location: TBA
  • Description: TBA

Past events

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