OWASP Chapter Committee

Mission Statement:

To provide the support and guidance required by all OWASP chapters to thrive and contribute to the overall mission and goals of OWASP


As one of the three legs that support OWASP (Foundation, Chapters, and Projects), Chapters are a critical part of moving the OWASP mission forward. The Chapter Committee’s purpose is to help ensure that all OWASP Chapters are supported, as per the Chapter Committee Scope. This includes Student Chapters and Regional Chapters. Our target audience is OWASP Chapter Leaders and volunteers.


  • Promote Chapter activity, and provide mentorship and guidance to Chapter Leaders and other Chapter volunteers
  • Ensure as many Chapters as possible are healthy and active
  • Maintain the Chapter lifecycle within OWASP, including working with OWASP staff to improve procedures, and documenting guidelines
  • Update and maintain the Chapter Handbook.
  • Provide all Chapters with a repository of useful Resources to help them succeed
  • Help individuals and the community in getting more from their local OWASP Chapters
  • Work with Chapters to help them encourage OWASP membership, participation, and contributions to OWASP projects and initiatives
  • Work with universities to provide guidance and help create and maintain Student Chapters
  • Create a workable, operational, and scalable Regional Chapter model
  • Collaborate with other OWASP Committees and initiatives as needs present
  • Assist OWASP staff in operational processes of: New Chapter Creation, Reviving Inactive Chapters, Cleaning up Defunct Chapters
  • Provide first level dispute resolution for Chapters, which can be escalated to the OWASP Dispute Resolution process, or in severe cases, the Foundation, Compliance Committee, or Global Board
  • Advise the Board or Foundation on relevant bylaw or policy changes

Committee Members

OWASP Chapter Committee is composed of seasoned and knowledgeable OWASP Chapter Leaders - you can see the current committee officers and member names on the sidebar on the right →

All OWASP Committees are governed under the OWASP Committees Policy

Chapter Committee Monthly Meeting Minutes and Recordings

The OWASP Chapter Committee meets every second Tuesday of the month from 6pm till 7pm London time using Google Meet (Meeting ID: yhc-xbkx-nnb)

You can find the links to the meeting video recordings and meeting minutes below:

Date Activity Video Minutes
10-August-2020 Inaugural Meeting video recording minutes
09-September-2020 Monthly Meeting video recording minutes
13-October-2020 Monthy Meeting video recording minutes
10-November-2020 Monthly Meeting video recording minutes
08-December-2020 Monthly Meeting video recording minutes
12-January-2021 Monthly Meeting video recording minutes
09-February-2021 Monthly Meeting video recording minutes
09-March-2021 Monthly Meeting video recording minutes
13-April-2021 Monthly Meeting video recording minutes
11-May-2021 Monthly Meeting video recording no minutes
08-June-2021 Monthly Meeting video recording minutes
13-July-2021 Monthly Meeting video recording minutes
10-August-2021 Monthly Meeting video recording minutes

Resources For Chapters

A repository of useful resources for Chapters can be found here

Most frequenlty requested: