OWASP Maryam

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OWASP Maryam

OWASP Maryam is a modular/optional open source framework based on OSINT and data gathering. Maryam is written in Python programming language and it’s designed to provide a powerful environment to harvest data from open sources and search engines and collect data quickly and thoroughly.


Supported OS

  • Linux
  • FreeBSD
  • OSX
$ pip install maryam


# Using dns_search. --max means all of resources. --api shows the results as json.
# .. -t means use multi-threading.
maryam -e dns_search -d ibm.com -t 5 --max --api --form 
# Using youtube. -q means query
maryam -e youtube -q "<QUERY>"
maryam -e google -q "<QUERY>"
maryam -e dnsbrute -d domain.tld
# Show the framework modules
maryam -e show modules
# Set framework options. It'll save in the workspace.
maryam -e set proxy ..
maryam -e set agent ..
maryam -e set timeout ..
# Run web API
maryam -e web api 1313


Last Updates

  • clustering, meta search engine, dark web search
  • Iris: the first beta version
  • Add famous_person
  • Speed up the core
  • Add setup.py and change arch
  • Web API: web command


Contributes are welcome! Here is a start guide: Development Guide You can add a new search engine to the util classes or use current search engines to write a new module. The best help to write a new module is by checking the current modules.


  • Write a complete metacrawler engine based on OSINT by using the current search engines
  • Add clustering algorithms: Done
  • Web User Interface




Modules Guide

Development Guide

To report bugs, requests, or any other issues please create an issue.