OWASP Maryam

Version 1.4.7 [GPLv3 License Python 3.x Codacy Badge

OWASP Maryam is an Open-Source intelligence(OSINT) and Web-Based Footprinting optional/modular framwork based on Recon-ng core and written in Python. If you have Skill in OWASP Maryam is a modular/optional open source framework based on OSINT and data gathering. Maryam is written in Python programming language and It’s designed to provide a powerful environment to harvest data from open sources and search engines and collect data quickly and thoroughly. If you have skill in Metasploit or Recon-ng, you can easily use it without prerequisites and if not, it’s easy to use.



  • dns_search

    Search in the search engines and other sources for find DNS.

  • email_search

    Search in search engines for find emails.

  • docs_search

    Search in engines for find related documents.

  • onion_search

    onion_search is to create the premier search engine for services residing on the Tor anonymity network.

  • godork

    Search your dork in the google and get result

  • social_nets

    Search for find usernames in social networks.

  • crawler

    Crawl web pages for find links, JS Files, CSS files, Comments And everything else interesting with thread supporting

  • suggest > Get search engine suggestions


  • crawl_pages

    Search to find keywords, emails, usernames, errors, meta tags and regex on the page/pages

  • dbrute

    DNS brute force attack with thread supporting

  • fbrute

    File/Directory brute force attack with thread supporting

  • tldbrute

    TLD brute force attack with thread supporting

  • waf

    Identify web application firewalls. It can detect over 200 firewall

  • wapps

    Web fingerprinting to identify the applications used with over 1000 pyload.

  • interest_files

    Search hosts for interesting files in predictable locations and brute force it.

  • entry_points

    Crawl web pages for find entry points(inputs, urls with param)


  • google

    Google.com search

  • metacrawler

    Metacrawler.com search

  • yippy

    Yippy.com search

  • crt

    Crt.sh search

  • carrot2

    Carrot2.org search

  • bing

    Bing.com search

  • twitter

    Twitter.com search

  • linkedin

    Linkedin.com search

  • facebook

    Facebook.com search

  • searchencrypt

    Searchencrypt.com search

  • millionshort


  • qwant



What is new?

  • Using python3
  • Added dbrute, fbrute, tldbrute, entry_points and waf to footprint
  • Added Thread supporting to modules
  • Added csv format output
  • Rewrite utils
  • Added Search submodule




Modules Guide

Development Guide

Bugs, requests, or any other issues please contact me