OWASP Maryam

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OWASP Maryam

OWASP Maryam is a modular/optional open source framework based on OSINT and data gathering. Maryam is written in Python programming language and It’s designed to provide a powerful environment to harvest data from open sources and search engines and collect data quickly and thoroughly. If you have skill in Metasploit or Recon-ng, you can easily use it without prerequisites and if not, please read the Quick Guide. The interface of this project heavily inspired by Recon-ng.


For installing, there’s no need for a lot of modules to install, It just needs a “requests” library

Supported OS

  • Linux
  • FreeBSD
  • OSX


  • Python 3.8.x or 3.9.x (NOT 3.7, ..)
  • requests module
git clone https://github.com/saeeddhqan/maryam.git
pip install -r requirements
cd maryam
python3 maryam -e help



What is new?

  • Fixed bing and google search
  • Deleted searchencrypt engine
  • Running modules with options(Without entering to program)
  • Added youtube and quora search module
  • Added three new source rapiddns, certspotter and sublist3r for dns_search
  • Added dbrute, fbrute, tldbrute, entry_points and waf to footprint


Contributes are welcome! Here is a start guide: Development Guide You can add a new search engine to the util classes or use current search engines to write a new module. The best help to write a new module is by checking the current modules.


  • Write a complete metacrawler engine based on OSINT by using the current search engines
  • Add new sources for dns_search module
  • Compatible with Windows OS




Modules Guide

Development Guide

To report bugs, requests, or any other issues please create an issue.