OWASP secureCodeBox


The OWASP secureCodeBox Project is a docker based, modularized toolchain for continuous security scans of your software project. Its goal is to orchestrate and easily automate a bunch of security-testing tools out of the box. With the secureCodeBox we provide a toolchain for continuous scanning of applications to find the low-hanging fruit issues early in the development process and free the resources of the penetration tester to concentrate on the major security issues.

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The purpose of secureCodeBox is not to replace the penetration testers or make them obsolete. We strongly recommend to run extensive tests by experienced penetration testers on all your applications. For more informations about this project please have look at our GitHub Repo

Our main goal is to implement a major security testing platform and framework which enables developers and teams to integrate a bunch of security testing tools in their CI/CD environment as easy as possible. The flexibility and scalability of the platform architecture leads to features like multi tenancy support, large scale (multi-) project testing, support of distributed and private networks, customisable security test flows,… which enables projects to test complex environments without implementing the complete security testing infrastructure on their own.

Secondly we try to foster a broad range of security tools to be easily integrated. Also we will try to integrate existing OWASP Projects as building blocks in our platform.


As of Mai, 2019, the highest priorities for the next 6 months are:

  • Finalize the integration with the OWASP DefectDojo Project, as a building block for security finding analytics
  • Enhance the multi tenant support
  • Migrate the deployment setup to Kubernetes, based on terraform for provisioning
  • Implement a UI for the Project based on the existing secureCodeBox API
  • Integrate a new REST API security scanner

Future milestones in general are:

  • Adapt a serverless infrastructure architecture for the security scanner microservices
  • Migrate the process engine (Camunda) to a more lightweight technology (Zeebe.io maybe)


This Project is free software: you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of the Apache License 2.0. OWASP secureCodeBox Project and any contributions are Copyright © by iteratec GmbH 2015-2020.