Staff On and Off-boarding Processes


Staff On-boarding

  1. User created with email address in Google Admin
    • Make sure to choose as the Organizational Unit
    • Add to [email protected] group (this also adds the person to the Staff Time-Off Calendar and OWASP-Staff Shared Drive)
    • Add to other groups as appropriate for position
    • Add to other shared drives as appropriate for position
    • Add to Spanning Backup
  2. Add to LastPass
    • Assign to General Folder
    • Assign to other folders as appropriate for position
  3. Add to Zoom
  4. Add to Staff on GitHub
    • May need to request that person creates a github account first
  5. Add to Copper
    • Add to Staff Team in Copper
  6. Add to Slack
  7. Add to JIRA
  8. Add to Dext
  9. Add to
  10. Add to other services as required by position
  11. Add to staff on website

Staff Off-boarding

  1. Suspend email address in Google Admin
  2. Suspend user in LastPass
    • Remove from General Folder
    • Remove from other folders
  3. Remove from Zoom
  4. Remove from Staff on GitHub
  5. Remove from Copper
    • Remove from Staff Team in Copper
  6. Remove from Slack
  7. Remove from JIRA
    • If the person is a default assignee on tickets, move those tickets to someone else
  8. Remove from other services, if added:
  9. Remove from staff on website