OWASP Project Committee

Mission Statement

To provide the support and guidance required by Projects to thrive and contribute to the overall mission and goals of OWASP.

Objectives and Tasks

The Project Committee intends to address these key problems:

  • Currently, project management is a hard and sometimes tiring job
  • Many projects do not feel sufficiently supported by OWASP

As one of the three legs that support OWASP (Foundation, Chapters and Projects), Projects are a critical part of moving the OWASP mission forward. The Project Committee’s purpose is to help ensure that the quality, lifecycle, and teams are supported as per the Project Committee Scope.


  • Promote project activity, and provide mentorship and guidance to project leads and team members.
  • Maintain the project lifecycle within OWASP, including working with staff to improve procedures, and documenting guidelines in an updated or re-written Project Handbook.
  • Work with OWASP projects and establish any processes to assist projects to achieve flagship level status, including deleting, revising, or establishing a project review process
  • Evangelize OWASP projects publicly, including working with outside projects to become OWASP projects.
  • Provide first level dispute resolution for projects, which can be escalated to the Dispute Resolution process or in severe cases, the Foundation, Compliance Committee, or Board.
  • Work with the Foundation to build operational automation and provide managed shared infrastructure for projects.
  • Advise the Board or Foundation on relevant bylaws or policy changes.