Rules of Procedure

Donations (Draft WIP)

Members are invited to provide feedback on this draft policy until August 12, 2020. The Policy Review Team will respond to comments mailed from your email address to this address.


The OWASP Foundation is a U.S. 501(c)3 and accepts gifts through its website and via postal mail. Online gifts are processed from the OWASP website by clicking the DONATE button using Stripe as the backend credit card transaction processor. Various business logic has been coded into this form including:

  • Referring page titles for Chapters and Projects are used for gift attribution
  • Currency support for US Dollar, British Sterling, and EU Euros
  • Restricting gifts are only supported for amounts greater than or equal to $1,000
  • Additional confirmation is required to process a Restricted Gift

The website DONATE form is the sole online option for the processing and collection of gifts and support.

Unrestricted Gifts

Generally, all charitable gifts to the OWASP Foundation are unrestricted and will be used at the sole discretion of the organization to fulfill its mission and objectives. Donors have the option to be listed as a Supporter of a Project or Chapter; however, this option does not restrict the gift in any way whatsoever.

Restricted Gifts

Gifts greater than or equal to $1,000 can optionally be Restricted. This practice is discouraged because of the internal accounting responsibilities for a restricted gift. Donors can indicate their restriction at the time of their online donation provided they visited the donation form by clicking the DONATE button on the respective Project, Chapter, or group. Restricted gifts are net 15% administration and processing costs. Unspent Restricted gift balances become unrestricted at the end of each calendar year.


As noted above, the Donate Form will present donors with the option to be publicly listed as a supporter of the referring Project, Chapter, or group page. By checking this option on the Form, once a donation has been made, the donor’s NAME will be appended to an online donor page for that group’s respective website repository. The placement of the donors name into the online donor’s file is automatic, but the group Leader will need to approve the release of that information.

Recognizing Supporters

Projects and Chapters may recognize individuals and corporations by name that have provided substantive support on the project or chapters’ respective web page provided this recognition is on a “Acknowledgements” or “Supporters” tab. These donations will be recognizied as “supporting” or “donating” to a Project or Chapter and the Foundation reserves the term “Sponsors” soley for OWASP Foundation Events. Organizations that support a project or chapter more than or equal to $1,000 may also request Leaders to post their logo (no larger than 300 x 300 px) as well. These types of public recognition shall be online no less than one year, or in the case of Project the next major release, whichever is greater. In addition to listing supporters, this tab must also include “The OWASP Foundation is very grateful for the support by the individuals and organizations listed. However please note, the OWASP Foundation is strictly vendor neutral and does not endorse any of its supporters.”


Sustaining Gifts and Grants are welcomed. Please Contact Us for more information.

Sole Donation Policy

Regardless of the information or offers presented throughout the OWASP website or conveyed by its Leaders, members, staff or Directors, this page is the sole and authoritative Donation and Giving policy of the OWASP Foundation, Inc.