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7.4 SamuraiWTF

The OWASP SamuraiWTF (Web Training and Testing Framework) is a linux desktop distribution that is intended for application security training.

The SamuraiWTF breaker/tool project is an OWASP Laboratory Project and the desktop can be downloaded as a pre-built virtual machine from the website.

What is SamuraiWTF?

Samurai Web Training Framework is similar in spirit to the widely used Kali Linux distribution; it is a distribution of an Ubuntu desktop that integrates many open-source tools used for penetration testing.

SamuraiWTF is different to Kali in that it is meant as a training environment for attacking web applications rather than as a more general and comprehensive pen-testers toolkit. It was originally a web testing framework tool, but has been migrated to a training tool for penetration testing. For this reason it integrates a different set of tools from Kali; it focuses only on the tools used during a web penetration test.

Samurai-Dojo is a set of vulnerable web applications that can be used to exercise the SamuraiWTF testing framework. In addition there is the Katana which provides configuration to install specific tools and targets. This allows instructors to set up a classroom lab, for example, that can be distributed to their students.

Why use it?

SamuraiWTF is easy to use and comes as a virtual machine, which makes it ideal in a teaching environment or as an attack tool targeted specifically against web applications. The applications provided by Samurai-Dojo provides a set of real world applications to attack; these applications are contained within the Samurai Web Training Framework virtual machine so none of the attack traffic will leak from the environment - and avoids triggering network intrusion detection systems.

How to use it

The OWASP Spotlight series provides an overview of training provided by SamuraiWTF: ‘Project 26 - OWASP SamuraiWTF’.

Getting started with SamuraiWTF is described in the github README :

  • either download the virtual machine for Oracle VirtualBox
  • or download the Hyper-V for Windows
  • or build an Amazon Workspace

Run the Samurai Web Training Framework and login as the super-user ‘samurai’. From a command prompt run ‘katana’ to start configuring SamuraiWTF for your training purposes, for example ‘katana list’.

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