OWASP Developer Guide

Offensive Web Testing Framework

6.2.3 Offensive Web Testing Framework

OWASP Offensive Web Testing Framework (OWTF) is a penetration test tool that provides pen-testers with a framework for organising and running security test suites. It also helps align the pen-testing to various standards and security guides, allowing the testing to be more creative and comprehensive.

The OWTF defender/tool project is an OWASP Flagship Project and can be downloaded from the project’s github repository release area.

What is OWTF?

The OWTFtool is a penetration test framework used to organise and run suites of security and pen-testing tools. It is designed to be run on Kali Linux; it can also be run on MacOS but with some modification of scripts and paths.

OWTF is very much a penetration tester’s tool; there is an expectation that the user has a reasonable expertise and grasp of penetration testing environments and tools. The documentation on installing and running OWTF requires is not extensive, and some in-depth knowledge on the target system is required to configure the tool.

Why use it?

OWTF is easily configurable and plugins can be created or new tests added using the configuration files. It can be quickly installed on Kali Linux, a distribution of Ubuntu that is widely used by pen-testers, and allows for a whole suite of tests to be directed against the target.

How to use it

The OWTF documentation is relatively old, last updated in 2016, and the install instructions may need adapting to run on MacOS or Kali.

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