Voting in the OWASP Board elections is coming to an end!


Andrew van der Stock

Thursday, October 29, 2020

Hi OWASP members, at 11:59 pm US EDT on Friday October 30 is the last day to vote in the OWASP Board of Director’s election. If you have not yet voted, now is the time. Read on for how to find your ballot, and what happens next.

The OWASP Board of Directors election is the way in which members get to shape the future of the OWASP Foundation. By voting for their preferred Board candidates, members can make their voices heard. There are three spots available this election cycle, and four candidates.

If you’ve not yet found your ballot, there’s still time. Go to your email or the email address you signed up to OWASP from, and search for:

“in:all 2020 OWASP Global Board of Directors Election”

This will find your unique ballot. Follow the link, and vote for between 1 and 3 candidates. You don’t need to vote for all three positions, but I strongly encourage you to make the most use of your vote! You don’t have to wait long for the results - we will be announcing them towards the end of the weekend, or early Monday at the latest.

If you have an interest in running for the Board next year, please ensure you have continuous membership from August 2020 through to the end of the election in 2021. Continuous eligibility has caught out some excellent candidates this cycle, and I would love to see them stand again next year.

Andrew van der Stock Executive Director

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