Vale, OWASP Connector


Andrew van der Stock

Thursday, November 5, 2020

This post announces the end of the OWASP Connector. Sadly, the days of email newsletters are done. Read on to find out what we are going to do instead, and we’ve started already.

The OWASP Connector, bless its socks, has a very low open and click through rate over the last twelve months. As an organization with over 66,000 meetup participants, 3300 financial members, and over 284,000 followers on social media, only around 300 people opened it each month, and less than 20 folks clicked even one link inside it. Considering that it takes about 40 hours of staff time to pull together, we need to spend our time more productively, communicate with a much wider community, and improve engagement with everyone, and not just a few members.

During November, we are reviewing and completely refactoring our marketing, content marketing, and social media strategy, as per the Operational Plan. We will replace the Connector with something, but for now it will be here. I promise to keep it short, mobile friendly, and more relevant to your interests. We are looking for community contributors, particularly from projects, chapters, upcoming events, and committees, as well as public interest posts on appsec related topics.

The mega-update to the bylaws yesterday has brought many improvements as a result of several months of a highly activist Board. I will be taking you all through the improvements, benefits, and changes over the next few weeks. Stay tuned!

Andrew van der Stock Executive Director

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