OWASP 2021 Board of Directors


Andrew van der Stock

Tuesday, January 26, 2021

Today, the incoming OWASP Board of Directors voted Sherif Mansour as Chair, Vandana Verma as Vice Chair, Grant Ongers as Treasuer and Bil Corry as Secretary.

We’ve got a dream team of OWASP Board Members, voted in by our amazing Community. Honestly, today feels like Christmas to me. Read on to find out more.

The Board met in early January to discuss their vision for OWASP, and decide on who would likely be our nominees for various “officer” positions (Chair, Vice Chair, Treasurer and Secretary). Today, the Board voted to confirm these nominations.

I welcome each and every new Board Member to our Board - it’s important that we have new blood and new ideas adding to our strategy and to listen to our members, as well as passing knowledge to the next generation of Board Members. Every healthy community has a pipeline of new talent coming to the fore, with the old guard passing along their knowledge and wisdom to the next generation. This is why I supported Josh Sokol’s initiative for term limits for Board Members back in my day, and today is the proof of the pudding!

Sherif Mansour - Chair

Sherif was Vice Chair in 2020, and as his last year on the Board, wants to bring a wealth of member benefits, and increased revenue streams such as our new fundraising and grants initiatives, as well as taking the lead on our Trademark program.

Vandana Verma - Vice Chair

Vandana was our Treasurer in 2020, who was very active in ensuring that OWASP improved our positiion compared to Budget Forecast Z by $376k USD. Vandana is currently working on Project Spotlights, bringing a great deal of publicity to our flagship and lesser known (but still important) projects.

Grant Ongers - Treasurer

Grant is taking over from Vandana as Treasurer. Grant is an active participant in the Education Committee, and one of my personal “thought leaders” when it comes to OWASP matters. Grant is assisting us with our curriculum and Getting Started with AppSec initiatives.

Bil Corry - Secretary

Bil has been on our Compliance Committee for a very long time, especially during busy years like 2020 to help right our community and bring it back together. Bil knows our bylaws and policies inside out, and I look forward to Bil helping us guide our bylaw and contract reviews, as well as ensuring that we manage to policy going forward.

Joubin Jabbari - Member-at-Large

Joubin is a Sacramento Chapter Leader, and will be the community’s bridge between chapters, regional events, and more. Please reach out to Joubin, and help us return to in person chapter meetings and events.

Martin Knobloch - Member-at-Large

One of OWASP’s longest ever serving Board Members, Martin has organized our most successful ever AppSec EU in Amsterdam, the Compliance Committee at one point, and a previous OWASP Board Chair. Martin brings a wealth of experience to the OWASP Board, helping re-write our mission, champion of volunteers, and helping our new Board Members settle into their positions.

Owen Pendlebury - Member-at-Large

Owen was Chair in 2020, and we thank him for his service. Owen oversaw a tumultuous year, one that had many challenges. Recently, Owen took on a new professional role, and will remain involved with OWASP in various initiatives.

No matter which way you look at it, this is a dream Global Board. I look forward to working with them on a revised strategy, ensuring our community is central to everything we do, and fighting like hell that we are here for the next 20 years.

Andrew van der Stock
Executive Director, OWASP Foundation

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