Brain Breaks Recap


Alonna Stock

Wednesday, February 24, 2021

The OWASP Foundation hosted the first-ever OWASP Brain Break entertainment event on Thursday February 18th, featuring comedian Jeff Shaw.

The new event series is just one in a line-up of a variety of virtual based events planned for OWASP Foundation’s 2021 calendar. With intentional planning around this event series, the foundation’s goal is to create a fun, mind-breaking escape for our community as we all continue to navigate the global pandemic.

The “comedy night-in” event was attended by over 35 attendees from all around the world. Jeff entertained the crowd from his virtual comedy-club stage, and just like any great live comedian will do the event was filled jabs at the live audience, self-deprecating comedy, special nods to our sponsor Micro Focus, and AppSec specific zingers alike.

Brain Break events are free and designed not for education but for community building, and to bring levity and balance to attendees in an approachable way. The OWASP events team is continuing to plan the line-up of additional Brain Break events for the year, with program details and updates being released regularly.

If you missed our first Brain Break event, be sure to watch social media and our event pages as we announce our next Brain Break entertainer on April 20th.

This event also welcomed our sponsor Micro Focus, who served not only as event sponsor but a great “MC” to introduce our guest entertainer to the virtual attendees. Be sure to learn more about Micro Focus in this short video.

If you’re interested in becoming a sponsor for our Brain Break series, you can find details on our event website or contact [email protected] for details.

We look forward to seeing you at our next installment of Brain Break on April 20th!

Alonna Stock Sr. Events Manager The OWASP Foundation