GSuite Account Cleanup


Andrew van der Stock

Thursday, March 23, 2023

Today, we crossed 10,000 accounts in our GSuite instance. This is a great milestone, but it also means that we have no more seats to give to new members. We currently have 6600 financial members, so there are 3400 expired members today. We need to do a spring clean.

We will be deleting old accounts of long-expired members, initially those that are more than three years out of date. So if you’ve let your membership expire before March 2020, your data will be gone. This will affect 1400 accounts initially.

In the future, as we hit the 9000 financial members milestone, we will be setting a more realistic policy and documenting it. It’s likely that we will delete old accounts that expired more than a year ago, giving OWASP members a chance to renew for a period of 12 months without any data loss.

Once we hit 10,000 active members, we will need to figure out next steps, as it’s likely to be expensive. We currently get GSuite for free. We will evaluate the incremental costs of upgrading to a paid plan, or moving to a different provider. We will also evaluate the costs of moving to a self-hosted solution, such as Nextcloud, but that would be a last resort for us.