Coraza v 3.0.0 Release!


Juan Pablo Tosso

Thursday, June 1, 2023

Exciting news from the Coraza family! 🎉

Today, we’re thrilled to announce the release of OWASP Coraza Web Application Firewall (WAF) version v3.0.0, a groundbreaking update to our beloved security tool. This major release significantly reworks Coraza, making it faster, more developer-friendly, and thoroughly cloud-native. Key Updates Include:

1️⃣ Performance Boost: We’ve improved performance up to 100 times through several enhancements. Special mention goes to our new debug logs system based on Zerolog, optimized variable collection types, and the cache transformation logic across the same transaction.

2️⃣ Revamped API: We’ve made our API more user-friendly and straightforward.

3️⃣ Plugin Package: Simplifying the extension of Coraza’s functionalities, this new feature is a developer’s delight!

4️⃣ Full CRS v4 Support: Coraza now fully supports the CRS v4 branch. We’ve also included a CRS testing suite in our CI to ensure regression-free development.

5️⃣ Cross-Platform: Now supporting both Go and TinyGo for WASM builds.

6️⃣ Multiphase Feature: An experimental addition for early data evaluation and blocking.

Coraza continues to be a drop-in alternative to the soon-to-be abandoned Trustwave ModSecurity Engine, providing a secure shield against a wide array of web attacks. Join us as we mark this exciting milestone in Coraza’s journey. Check out all the updates at Release v3.0.0, and let’s continue to make the digital world safer.

Special thanks to the core team, co-leaders, contributors, and supporting companies.

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