Global AppSec Program Teams


Emily Berman

Tuesday, December 3, 2019

Want to help plan our next Global AppSec event? OWASP is excited to announce the launch the Global AppSec Program Team. These teams will be responsible for selecting the program and training offerings for the Global AppSecs and will be comprised of volunteers from all around either Europe or North America. Be sure to apply to volunteer before the end of the year!

"Our primary goal is to expand community involvement in Global AppSec planning."

The Program Team will replace the current model of only volunteers from the local chapter being eligible to participate in the planning of Global AppSecs. This new design will reduce the burden on local chapters while more importantly giving community members from across the continents the opportunity to participate in planning these events even if the Global AppSec is not being held in their local area. After the inaugural year, team members will serve a two-AppSec term providing consistency in process while still bringing in new ideas.

The goal of the Program Team is to:

  • Expand community involvement in the Global AppSec Planning
  • Provide new volunteer opportunities to community members
  • Improve the Global AppSec planning process
  • Diversify the submissions for both CfT and CfP
  • Improve the quality of the program

In return for their efforts the Program Team volunteers OWASP will provide travel and accommodation to Global AppSec for which they volunteered. In this new design, the OWASP staff will manage the logistical duties such as venue selection, speaker communication, and all other conference related activities.

The application to participate can be found here:

Applications for Dublin will be accepted until December 31, 2019
Applications for San Francisco will be accepted until February 29, 2019.