Website Migration Update


Harold Blankenship

Wednesday, November 20, 2019

As the foundation moves toward the migration of the OWASP web presence from the old wiki site to our new GitHub-hosted home, some of you may still have questions regarding what to move and how to move it. Essentially, if you have a chapter page or project page and you have not migrated it to the new website, that would be first. Steps on what to do and what is needed can be found at There are also some minor instructions on the default project or chapter page itself. And if you are wondering where that page is located, you can go to and type your chapter or project name in the repository search bar. If your project or chapter is not there, contact me. Lastly, there are a number of excellent examples already done by other leaders (also linked on the migration page).

And, as a precaution, you should click over into the ‘Settings’ of your repository and then click the ‘Collaborators & teams’ link on the left menu and check to make sure that the usernames added to Collaborators match what you expect. Having someone you do not know edit your web page without your knowledge is no longer the expected behavior.

Some resources, mostly for projects, have been uploaded to the OWASP Site Theme repository and can be linked to via the /assets/image/common/ url.

After your chapter or project page is done, there is a www-community repository which would include any files from the wiki that are not currently in a project or chapter or board/staff policy area. For instance, there are pages there for GSoC and XSS and CSRF. A list of the top pages that need to be migrated can be found attached to one of the TODO cards on our website migration Trello board which you are invited to join if you want to help migrate loose pages and/or perform some automation work.

Our current plan can be found on the Website Relaunch project page.

Harold L. Blankenship

OWASP Foundation

Director of Technology and Projects