February 2022 Agenda/Minutes

Meeting Details



Board Members

  • Vandana Verma
  • Grant Ongers
  • Avi Douglen
  • Bil Corry
  • Glenn ten Cate
  • Joubin Jabbari
  • Martin Knobloch


  • Andrew van der Stock
  • Tom Pappas
  • Dawn Aitken
  • Harold Blankenship
  • Lisa Jones
  • Kelly Santalucia
  • Lauren Thomas
  • Spyros Gasteratos


As the Board consists of individuals from many competing organizations, OWASP and its Board shall abide by all applicable anti-trust and competition laws. To avoid any perceived or actual conflict of interest, or anti-trust concerns under US federal, state, or regulations, only the published agenda shall be discussed or voted upon, or amended as below. If there are any conflicts of interest, Board members are expected to disclose the conflict of interest and must recuse themselves from discussion and voting.


Changes to the agenda - unless otherwise prohibited by anti-trust or competition laws - including adding, altering, or tabling of motions is permitted by following Roberts Rules of Order (RONR 12th Ed) 41:63, which requires an affirmative two-thirds vote.



  • Vandana Verma: Yes
  • Grant Ongers: Yes
  • Avi Douglen: Yes
  • Bil Corry: Yes
  • Glenn ten Cate: Yes
  • Joubin Jabbari: Yes
  • Martin Knobloch: Yes

Passes 7-0



Staff reports

e-Votes and Special Meeting Motions to read into minutes

Motion to join Nonprofit Cyber as a founding member

Rationale Nonprofit Cyber is a first-of-its-kind coalition of global nonprofit organizations to enhance joint action to improve cybersecurity. All coalition members are nonprofits that were formed to serve the public interest by developing, sharing, deploying, and increasing the awareness of cybersecurity best practices, tools, standards, and services. As it grows, Nonprofit Cyber may work to:

  • Achieve visibility and understanding of the efforts nonprofits are making in cybersecurity;
  • Facilitate shared understanding, alignment and deconfliction of activities;
  • Encourage the leadership, sharing, and celebration of volunteers;
  • Advertise the association and collaboration of nonprofits;
  • Encourage and enable specific reference among members to each other’s products where applicable;
  • Provide a forum for sharing roadmaps of product development and release;
  • Enable and encourage synchronization of product releases where appropriate;
  • Create opportunities for joint or coordinated projects and products among members;
  • Provide a forum for alignment of threat and/or attack models that drive security practice selection;
  • Provide a forum for coordination of joint (by supporting members) public statements and joint communications to authorities on issues of mutual interest, and on the importance of shared and voluntary industry best practices;
  • Prepare and deliver joint presentations to stakeholders; and
  • Submit joint proposals for work and funding.

Nonprofit Cyber has no authority to commit or direct members, but is a “collaboration-of-equals”: a good-faith effort to better serve the entire community through expert agreement and collaboration. It does not assert any functional or operational control over any party, force any action by any party, or prevent an organization from holding a unique position on any particular issue or topic. Motion: “This motion is to join the new to be founded “nonprofit cyber” organization by signing the member agreement as attached and install Martin Knobloch as liaison from OWASP toward the ‘Nonprofit Cyber’”

Sponsor: Martin Knobloch Second: Grant Ongers

Vote: https://doodle.com/poll/atrsug8bregy648i?utm_source=poll&utm_medium=link

  • Vandana Verma: Yes
  • Grant Ongers: Yes
  • Avi Douglen: Yes
  • Bil Corry: Yes
  • Glenn ten Cate: Yes
  • Joubin Jabbari: Yes
  • Martin Knobloch: Yes

Passes 7-0


Motion to approve budget and travel for Defcon

Background Defcon is occurring in August 2022, and the Outreach Committee wish to run a table and sell / giveaway merch. A request for travel for staff or Board to travel to handle cash. Issues and boundaries around Defcon as an outreach committee target, a sponsor, and other issues should be discussed.

Motion: “Resolved, that the budget and travel for Defcon is approved for $15,000.”

Sponsor: Grant Ongers Second: Vandana Verma


  • Vandana Verma: Yes
  • Grant Ongers: Yes
  • Avi Douglen: Abstain
  • Bil Corry: Yes
  • Glenn ten Cate: Yes
  • Joubin Jabbari: Yes
  • Martin Knobloch: Yes

Passes 6-0


Discussion on Trademark Strategy

The current strategy is expensive, not really meeting its goals of bringing in income, and difficult and expensive to enforce. Corporate Members have shown little interest in taking up trademark licenses, despite being included in most tiers. We need a new strategy, one that is simpler, one that is attractive to the corporate community, and one that earns income in its own right, rather than being a burden.

Andrew van der Stock will take the Board through the current and proposed strategy, but as fees are set by the Board, any changes would require a vote at some point in the future.

Motion: The agenda will be changed and this item shall be postponed.

Sponsor: Grant Ongers Second: Martin Knobloch


Adjournment motion

The next general Board meeting is on March 22 2022, at 12 pm US Eastern Time.

“It is moved, and seconded to adjourn. Those in favor, say “aye””

Sponsor: Vandana Verma Second: Grant Ongers

Staff Reports

Executive Director


Chapters and Membership

Record high individual membership New AMS will require bylaw changes 5670 members (up 114 from last month)

One Year 3637 (64%) Two Year 1138 (20%) Lifetime 798 (14%) Complimentary 97 (1.7%)

50% YoY growth rate 1330 to reach 2022 stretch goal (~ 120 pcm)

Events and Corporate Support

Please see Board summary slides


Operations Report Working on setting up more co-marketing agreements Working with Virtual on cleaning up the AR Report Changing our registered agent service to Incorp I am starting the process to change our mailing address with the UPS and our P.O. Box to Virtual’s mailing address

Projects and Technology