PHP File Inclusion

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PHP, as many other languages, allows the inclusion of files in order to provide or extend the functionality of the current file.

Risk Factors



<?PHP include ‘/path/filename.php’; include_once ‘path/filename.class.php’; require ‘../path/’; require_once ‘’; ?>

  • Remote file inclusion using variables from the request POST or GET


Note: A reference to related CWE or CAPEC article should be added when exists. Eg:

[[Category:FIXME add links

In addition, one should classify vulnerability based on the following subcategories: Ex:[[Category:Error_Handling_Vulnerability|Category:Error Handling Vulnerability]]

Availability Vulnerability

Authorization Vulnerability

Authentication Vulnerability

Concurrency Vulnerability

Configuration Vulnerability

Cryptographic Vulnerability

Encoding Vulnerability

Error Handling Vulnerability

Input Validation Vulnerability

Logging and Auditing Vulnerability

Session Management Vulnerability]]


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