Leaders Commitment Agreement

OWASP FOUNDATION – LEADER COMMITMENT MEMORANDUM OF UNDERSTANDING The undersigned desires to serve as a Leader of a Chapter, Project, Committee, or other team (“Leader”) of the OWASP Foundation, Inc. (“OWASP”), and, in consideration for the privileges associated with serving as a Leader, does hereby agree to be bound and abide by the terms set forth in this Leader Commitment Memorandum Of Understanding (this “Commitment”).

As a Leader, I understand that I have a responsibility to ensure that OWASP does the best work possible in pursuit of its mission and strategic goals. I believe in the purpose and the mission of OWASP, and I will act responsibly and prudently as its steward.

I understand and agree that, as a condition of serving as a Leader, on an annual basis I will (i) review this Commitment, and (ii) provide a written acknowledgement, in a form which the OWASP Board of Directors (“Board”) determines to be acceptable, that I have completed the annual review of this Commitment.

I further understand and agree that my violation of, or my failure to abide by, this Commitment or any other Bylaws, policies, procedures, or guidelines of OWASP as each may be applicable to my participation with OWASP, constitutes grounds for the immediate termination of my role as a Leader at the sole discretion of the Board, which decision will be final.

In preparation for my term as a Leader, I have reviewed the documentation and materials posted on the Governance and Policies & Procedures pages on the OWASP website, and have read and understand, and as each may be applicable to my participation in OWASP in general and as a Leader, agree to comply with, the OWASP governing documents and other materials below:

As part of my responsibilities as a Leader:

  1. I commit to serving as a Leader for a period of not less than two (2) years.
  2. I have read and understand, and will at all times during my term as a Leader stay apprised of, abide by, and carry out the duties described in the OWASP Leaders Policy in its current form and as may be amended from time-to-time.
  3. In addition to the Leaders Policy, I have read and acknowledge, and will stay apprised of any changes to, those OWASP policies, procedures, and guidelines applicable to the OWASP Chapter, Project, Committee, or other team, of which I will serve as a Leader.
  4. I will interpret OWASP’s work and values to the community, and provide notice of upcoming meetings, deadlines, and policy changes to the community.
  5. I will act in the best interests of OWASP, and excuse myself from activities where I have a conflict of interest, as such term is defined in the OWASP Conflict of Interest Policy, and will adhere to the OWASP Conflict of Interest Policy.
  6. In my capacity as Leader, I will act at all times for the good and benefit of OWASP, rather than for the benefit of myself or my employer.
  7. I will stay informed about what’s going on in OWASP. I will ask questions and request information.
  8. In my capacity as a Leader and when participating in any OWASP activities I will at all times comply with applicable local, regional, and national laws, including without limitation applicable data privacy laws and antitrust laws.
  9. I understand that I do not have the authority to, and therefore agree that I will not:
    • Enter into or sign any agreements on behalf of OWASP;
    • Collect or accept money on behalf of OWASP for any ‎purpose; or
    • Authorize any expenses that would violate any provision of the Bylaws or any other OWASP policies, procedures, or guidelines.

By my signature below, I acknowledge that I have read and understand the terms of this Commitment and any materials referenced herein, and agree to be bound and abide by all of the requirements, obligations, and duties set forth herein.

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