Rules of Procedure

Membership (Draft WIP)

Members are invited to provide feedback on this draft policy until August 19, 2020. The Policy Review Team will respond to comments mailed from your email address to this address.


The OWASP Foundation is a member led organization. Members serve as Board Members, Leaders, and volunteers for our community. Members have a vote in the election of OWASP Leaders. Membership is a privilege guided by the Code of Conduct which has dues that are set by the OWASP Board of Directors and are currently $50 per year. Discounts are available for multi-year memberships and for people living in developing economies and are outlined below.


Membership is explicitly defined as people or corporations that pay dues. Nearly all OWASP activities are open to both members and nonmembers. Some example activities include participating in a Project or Chapter, attending chapter meetings, joining mailing lists or attending events. Merely participating in the activities of the OWASP Foundation does not make that person a Member; membership includes only those who pay dues to the OWASP Foundation.

Individual Members can check their Membership Status, renewal dates, and for auto-renewing Memberships update their billing information by visiting the Manage your Membership Form. Members must provide the email address used when applying for membership, and if a member matches that address, an email will be sent to verify or update membership.

Members in “good standing” are defined as those who have paid dues appropriate with their membership level while also not subject to any disciplinary action(s) by the Board of Directors. When determining “continuous” membership status, a grace period of seven (7) days is permitted between the expiration and resumption of a person’s membership.

While the Foundation will make diligent efforts to inform members of their membership - in particular expiration dates - it is the sole responsibility of the member to manage their membership and renewals.

Individual Membership Benefits

  • Ongoing Support of our work
  • Discounted Conference Fees
  • Vote in OWASP Elections
  • Corporate email address
  • Priority access to Travel Grants
  • And many others…

Becoming an Individual Member

Individuals can only become a member of the OWASP Foundation by completing the Membership Form on our website and paying dues. Applicants must provide their Country of Residence, Postal Code, Email address, name, and billing information. Members are not attached to any particular Chapter or Project but are at-large members. By submitting the Membership Form, applicants consent to receive communications from the OWASP Foundation concerning the status of membership.

Membership Dues are not prorated nor can they be cancelled once purchased. Discounted and Student Memberships are only offered to qualifying individuals. Fraudulent membership submissions will be revoked without notice for no refund. Memberships and member benefits are not transferable.

The OWASP Foundation is the exclusive grantor of OWASP Memberships. No person or entity can act as a membership agent or grant complimentary memberships except for the OWASP Board of Directors. Membership dues are to be paid by the Member and cannot be subsidized or funded by OWASP Projects, Chapters, or Events.

Individual Membership Types

Developing Economy Discounted Membership Persons living in developing economies as defined in the lower 50% percentile of Adjusted Net National Income Per Capita Countries according to the World Bank, shall be offered a one year membership for $20 per year.

One or Two-Year. Dues $50 and $95 for each respective period. Individuals can choose either a single or two-year membership. Members will begin to receive renewal email reminders as early as 60 days prior to renewal. The OWASP Foundation will make its best-efforts to notify members of impending renewals, but it is the sole responsibility of the member to monitor their membership status.

Lifetime Membership Dues one-time $500. Individuals can choose this membership which terminates upon the death of the member.

Student Membership Dues $20 per year. Full-time students may apply for this discounted membership. This membership cannot be set to auto-renew.

Honorary Lifetime Membership

Honorary Lifetime Membership can be awarded to long-time contributors to the OWASP cause and activities. The Honorary Lifetime Membership program will work as follows:

  • Each year up to three Lifetime Honorary Memberships may be granted.
  • Nominations will be accepted by the Board from staff, Board Members, or other Leaders. Individuals cannot nominate themselves.
  • Nominees will have been a leader and member of the Foundation for at least five years and have held more than one type of leadership role.
  • Each nominee is confirmed by majority vote of the Global Board of Directors each year at the October meeting.

Becoming a Corporate Member

Organizations can also become members of the OWASP Foundation. Those details can be found on the Supporters page under Corporate Membership.