Rules of Procedure

Implementation of Bylaw or Policy Changes (Draft WIP)

Members are invited to provide feedback on this draft policy until January 22, 1970. The Policy Review Team will respond to comments mailed from your email address to this address.

Updates to bylaws, policies, and procedures

Where an affirmative Board vote has passed to create, modify or delete by bylaws, policy or procedure, the Foundation has 30 days or until the next Board meeting to merge the approved change into any affected bylaws, policies and procedures. The Foundation shall note any changed bylaws, policies and procedures in the Board agenda for review by the Board. The Secretary of the Board shall confirm these changes during the Board meeting.

Policies to undergo Community Review Process

If an approved change to a Foundation policy is substantial and has yet to be voted on by the Board, it shall undergo the Community Review Process. Once completed, it shall be voted on by the Board.

Once a bylaw or policy change has been voted on by the Board, it shall go into immediate effect. Procedures are owned by Foundation staff and document concrete implementations of policy, and is not subject to this process.