Website Re-launch


Before December 20, 2019, the Foundation will launch a new website designed to engage visitors and professionally convey the value of our collective work. Rather than just re-skinning our current wiki or placing a simplified landing page in front of our site, we plan to migrate to an entirely new platform.

The project must better connect with our developer audience and be valuable when visited on a variety of devices. It must be possible for elements of our site to be managed by our communities or through automation and any platform change must retain these attributes as well as ensuring continuity of analytics, permissions design, and redirect of inbound links. A proof of concept will be complete by July 1. Once the new website is launched, the wiki will be archived through 2020 for historical purposes.

Upon the completion of this project, will be hosted in Github. The architecture will place a repository for each logical entity of the foundation in one organizational account. For instance, there would be a repo for each chapter, project, event, and several other organizational entities. This design will increase source control and allow us to connect visitors with the content that is of interest to them.

Prioritized User Journeys

  1. Discover and connect with a local chapter
  2. Learn, engage, or contribute to an OWASP project
  3. Decide to attend an OWASP sponsored event
  4. Learn more about the Foundation
  5. Donate money to OWASP
  6. Become an individual member of OWASP
  7. Become a corporate member of OWASP
  8. Review the policies, financial, and governance design/practices of the Foundation
  9. Decide to host a project with OWASP
  10. Subscribe to emails from the Foundation



Historical Milestones (Completed)



  1. https
  2. Custom domain -
  3. Continued use of Google Analytics or similar functionality
  4. Maintain inbound search love with redirect at launch
  5. Inherited navigation for information hierarchy
  6. Credential management
  7. Committees - only an org email
  8. Control who is repo owner
  9. Cannot have advertisements unless controlled by OWASP
  10. Restrict cross-domain scripting (except Analytics)
  11. Google crawlers successfully use rendered content of page
  12. Ability to embed YouTube videos
  13. Move to a SaaS provider and no longer host ourselves
  14. Free or close to free
  15. Nice to have: Decorate rendered certain pages with WATCH/STAR repo tools
  16. Nice to have: Search content in site
  17. Nice to have: ability to duplicate Meetup widget functionality (pull in Meetup JSON and render “future meetings”)
  18. Nice to have: Meta data/tags to improve SEO peformance

Required Templates

Repo Naming Top level

Other Information