DRAFT OWASP Operating Plan 2024 - Operations



  • No more than 20% operating overhead unrelated to program delivery
  • $2m USD in the bank at the end of 2024, with > 12 months operational reserve
  • Establish a CD ladder to invest excess funds
  • Improvements customer experience delivered in all areas

Program Deliverables

  • Define a workable complaints procedure
  • Revise registered agent to Incorporate.com
  • Fix GuideStar / Charity Navigator ratings

2025 Election

Run a successful election for the 2025 Board of Directors.

Waspy Awards

Run Waspy Awards 2024

Bylaws Revamp

  • Work to ensure that the new bylaws and certificate of incorporation are passed
  • Ensure that any subsequent changes to the bylaws are passed with legal review

Netherlands Entity and Governance

Close the Belgium Entity

The EU Board already

Close ING Belgium Bank account

Close the ING Belgium bank account and transfer funds to the Dutch entity.

Policies Review and Revamp

  • Move policy settings from the old bylaws to policies
  • Policy review and revamp of 1/3rd of policies, starting after the bylaws approval

2024 Budget

Finalize the 2024 budget, ready for Board approval no later than February 2024.

2025 Budget

Prepare a 2025 budget, ready for Board approval January 2025.

Taxes and audit - US

  • Ensure an audit is scheduled for 2023 and completed by no later than Q3 2024
  • Ensure that our tax filings are up to date and accurate

Taxes - CA

Apply for and receive sales tax exemption in California.

Taxes - DC

Apply for and receive sales tax exemption in Washington, District of Columbia.

EU Entity and Governance

  • Ensure that a full board sits on the Belgian entity and that the entity is in good standing.
  • Determine if having an EU entity makes financial sense.
  • Wind up the Belgian entity and transfer funds to the Dutch entity

Taxes - EU

  • Prepare 2023 EU tax filings
  • Prepare 2024 EU tax filings
  • Determine when the last EU audit was completed and schedule the next one


  • Evaluate and decide if we need a donor management platform


  • Develop a co-marketing plan with other organizations focusing on Developer and Security communities
  • Budget?

Outreach, Swag, and Merchandise

  • $5k for local swag
  • $15k RSA
  • PyConf
  • RustConf
  • Outreach Budget?