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Staff Projects are work products primarily done by staff that require either 40+hrs of staff time or have a financial obligation of more than $10,000. Active Staff Projects have written plans that include measurable goals, milestones, and should be linked below. Prioritized Staff Projects are in the formation stages and are listed in rank importance. Unprioritized Staff Projects are items that lack a plan and are in a “bucket list” until they get prioritized with a project plan. *Note this project list is not the exhaustive list of staff daily work product. These are the key projects above everyday work that is purposefully planned to deliver on the Foundation Goals. Generally the process we will use to implement our plans are:

Concept » Document » Socialize » Iterate » [Approval if needed] » Plan » Implement » Report » Revisit

2021 Operational Plans & Budget

2020 Operational Plans & Budget

Active Projects

Prioritized Projects

Strategies from the operating plan

Foundation Goals for 2021

  1. Emerge from 2021 a stronger, more cohesive community, with increased chapter and project activity, with more member benefits
  2. Ensure we raise sufficient funds to put on two Global AppSecs in 2022
  3. Increase student, individual, and lifetime memberships to 4000
  4. Recruit active leaders to all inactive chapters, and increase chapter activity by 25% over 2020 levels
  5. Simplify and minimize administrative costs and overheads

Vision: TBA after Board strategy meeting

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