DRAFT OWASP Operating Plan 2024 - Projects and Education

Projects are a top focus of the OWASP Foundation. As such, a more proactive environment for projects will be fostered. This will include:


  • Develop and Start Project Partner Program in 2024

  • Update a finalized Project Handbook
  • Apply for at least four grants for projects
  • Two Project Leader Asynchronous Virtual Town Halls
  • Leader Meetings in Lisbon and San Francisco
  • Project Summit in London
  • Project Showcase in Lisbon and San Francisco
  • How to start contributing page / video
  • Advent of Projects (December 2024)


  • Project Summit, November 4-7, 2024 (London, UK)


  • Develop project activity guidelines/tools
  • Clean up project inventory
  • Develop new on-boarding for projects that gets Project Committee feedback
  • Project Handbook
  • Evaluate the necessary admin overhead for project grants. Pass a resolution to change the grants policy to the new model.


  • Work with the Project Committee to develop a project fundraising plan, such as a project competition for fundraising, project partners, etc
  • Using data sheets, and marketing, ask Corporate Supporters to sponsor projects
  • Developer Project Partner program


  • Produce project data sheets
  • Once quarterly project-specific targeting
  • Once quarterly project general targeting (OWASP Open Source security projects - come contribute or create new)
  • Marketing project summits