Events Committee - call for volunteers


Owen Pendlebury

Tuesday, May 11, 2021

Hi all, over the last decade or more, many of us have been organising OWASP events within our community.

One of the problems we have is that there is no standardised place with content on how to create a repeatable event, nor is there a central team of volunteers that the community can reach out to to seek advice when creating an event.

To solve this and help drive stronger events I propose we form an events committee. The purpose of this committee would be to offer knowledge and/or resources to empower volunteers to spread OWASP’s message through hosting events.

Short term, we could create a GitHub wiki (mirrored in where we publish processes, advice and instructions on how to set up OWASP events. A draft charter for this committee can be found here

To this end, we would like to ask for volunteers to lead this committee under the Committees policy

We already have established committees, such as:

Next steps

Committee formation requires:

  • Public discussion on the Committee’s formation in a location visible to all leaders
  • At least 5 OWASP members to create a Committee Charter containing the purpose, scope of operations, preferably using the Charter template (see charter below) with assistance from the Foundation to ensure that the scope does not overlap with other committees, the charter scope is within the guidelines documented in this policy, and the initial Committee officers are members.
  • The Committee needs a Board sponsor to introduce a motion to the next available Board meeting.

If you’re interested or have any questions please feel free to get in touch.

Owen Pendlebury @pendo19 OWASP Global Board of Directors OWASP Ireland-Dublin @AppSecIreland